Multipurpose / Scatter SU2-C

A full capacity scatter urn with a light cherry finish. This scatter urn incorporates useful and unique features such as; a sliding lid that locks in position for scattering. A built in handle making the scattering process a comfortable and controlled one. Also a groove and seal system that prevents unwanted spillage or trapping of cremains.The SU2-C offers a wood finish in an urn class generally suitable for any purpose as well as allowing for all levels of personalization. Specifications: Hand Crafted Hand Finished Hand Rubbed Enginered Lid Locks in Both Open and Closed Positions Thumb Notch Assists Opening Integrated Handle Personalize via all levels of personalization Durable Urethane Finish 200 Cu In Capacity Dimensions: Width: 3 5⁄8" Height: 10 3⁄4" Length: 8 5⁄8"