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Before I contacted Cascade Monuments, I was searching online offers to order a memorial headstone for my son. I knew what I wanted: upright headstone with large photo engraving.

When I met with Rinne Cain, Monument Consultant, he knew I had limited funds. He worked with me through all my questions and made my dream possible. I was able to order the memorial I wanted for my son with the price I was able to afford.

I was notified by Rinne when my son's memorial was to be installed and went to cemetery to see it. I was amazed. My son's memorial obviously stood out from others around. The amazing art work, outstanding quality, shape, and size all looked so perfect. I would not want change anything.

I am so pleased and grateful for it. Thank you Cascade Monuments!
Our family has been to the cemetery several times to visit dad's grave site and each time I've told myself I'm going to write and tell you how beautiful the grave marker turned out. Well, we were there again on Saturday and this prompted me to finally write this letter.

My family and I are so very pleased with the way the grave marker turned out. Every aspect of its makeup is absolutely perfect. I love my dad's picture and the way his big smile greets us as we approach the site. I truly feel it is the most beautiful grave marker I've seen.

I want to pass on a huge thank you from our family. It was your suggestions that prompted us to pursue this grave marker and your patience with us in making it a reality. Believe me, we are all very proud to tell people where we obtained the marker and the wonderful service we received.
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