A lovely bench monument with custom etch work.

Pricing information

Because all of our work is personal and unique, we customize our quotes to ensure every detail you desire is considered.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & Diners club.

Before requesting a quote, please contact your cemetery to receive a copy of their regulations. Many cemeteries use specific requirements on size, color, style, etc.

How to Place An Order

Ordering the stone marker is another important consideration when planning a funeral. There are some helpful hints and guidelines on selecting a cemetery, funeral planning and consumer rights on our Informational Links page. You may want to look them over before you begin shopping for the marker.

Choosing the marker

Choose a design that reflects a character trait, a favorite hobby or something shared. Some of our designs are hand sculpted by traditional carvers and reflect an attention to detail that sets them apart.

  1. Select appropriate COLOR for marker design selected. You can select a color of granite that has a special meaning for your family.
  2. INSCRIPTION - A well-chosen verse or epitaph will add a perspective that only emotionally crafted words can convey. You can also select the letter style which ads impact to your words.
  3. EMBLEMS- You may add religious, civic, or military symbols. It adds dramatically to our ability to create a meaningful tribute in stone.
  4. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS - You can add custom edges, photographs or custom artwork.

Note: If you select a pre-designed marker some of the decisions as to graphics and letter styles are included. You may want to print our Order Specification page to help you organize your thoughts before you place the order. All orders will be reviewed and confirmed before final charges applied to your account.

Use our convenient CMS Information form and FAX to us.

Cascade Monuments holiday hours

All orders must have at least 50% down to begin. Any canceled order after the granite has been purchased will be non-refundable. Any canceled order before the granite has been purchased is refundable.