Royal Sable U1-CM-50

Cultured royal sable marble comes together in an exclusive sculpted design. Where commonly distributed cultured marble urns are listless and slab in design, the U1-CM-50 brings exclusive sculpted elegance with rounded corners and edging as well as sophisticated columns. Unlike competitive products the U1-CM-50 is fully finished and hand polished. This is a significant difference. Other manufacturers hide imperfections under a massive felt pad on the bottom of the urn, or use a decal on the outside to approximate the appearance of marble. The U1-CM-50 is fully polished - even underneath, and is hand colored so that each and every urn is unique, just like natural marble. Attention to detail extends to the seal of this urn. A polished and plated marine grade seal (with gasket) ensures tight element protective sealing as well as peace of mind. Specifications: Elegant Column Design Hand Crafted Hand Polished Engineered Sealing (Marine Grade) Hand Colored (each is unique) Personalizable via all levels of our laser engraving. Suitable for burial (over 8,500 psi rating) 205 Cu in Capacity Dimensions: Width: 7 1⁄4" Height: 5 3⁄4" Length: 9 1⁄8"